On Saturday, October 10th at 10:10 am, we’re going to help WXYZ news anchor @StephenClark #SMAshTheInternet and #SMAshSMA for his granddaughter, Scarlet, and thousands of children struggling with the debilitating condition. On 10/10 please tweet, share on Facebook or Instagram a post with the hashtag!

Of all the neuro-muscular diseases, SMA is the closest to a cure. Researchers know the cause of SMA and believe that a treatment will be found within the next 5 years with the proper resources. Help Stephen find a cure!

Here Are 6 Ways You Can Help

1. Spread the Word About #SMAshTheInternet

SMA - - Social Media Viral
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2. Share a SMA Fact Card to Raise Awareness

SMA - Did You Know - Card 1
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SMA - Did You Know - Card 2
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SMA - Did You Know - Card 3
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3. Make a $10 Donation to Cure SMA

Donate $10 to #SMAshSMA!


4. Make a #SMAshSMA Video

Take a video of yourself smashing something then name two more people to take the challenge!


5. Change your Facebook Cover Photo

SMAshTheInternet with Stephen Clark FB Cover Photo
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6. Change Your Facebook Profile Photo to the Cure SMA Logo on 10/10

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