Detroit is undergoing a renaissance. As a city that knows a thing or two about reinvention, we’ve found ways to adjust to a changing economy in order to restore our city’s treasures. Business is moving forward and we’ve reached an exciting intersection of business and technology. Detroit is the heartbeat of Michigan and the positive changes we make here directly impact our Nation.



To us, technology is a super hero, solving real-world problems every day. Building brands using online tools is our super power. A powerful social media campaign will create a buzz, generate brand awareness and ultimately leads by engaging with the focus of your Michigan business: your customers.


Consumers are waiting for a reason to connect. Our Go Social Lean Strategy is the answer; a concise explanation of who, what, when, where and how to make the connection. We establish passion in your brand, to build the kind of loyalty that will keep your business growing in this intensely competitive market.


Why should consumers interact with your business?
By the time you’re done reading this paragraph, approximately 1 million potential customers will search on google,18,000 will tweet and 21,000 will post status updates on Facebook.


We live in a LOUD world where your brand must stand out in order to be heard.
Our goal is to enable your brand to share your ideas and connect with a global market. Cut through the noise by connecting with your target consumers in a way that matters to them.


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