We recognize that time is money. Which is why our quick, painless process can take as little as 3 days.



BUILD: Decoding Your Go Social DNA™

At Go Social Detroit, we believe that your brand is 90 percent of your marketing strategy. Building a strong foundation for your online presence is crucial, and it begins with getting to know you and your brand. We ask the right questions to find out what matters to you, and more importantly, to your customers.

Our proprietary process turns qualitative data into a social media communication strategy that works.

Once we’ve decoded your Go Social DNA, we create a social identity that’s as unique as your brand. Concept development, messaging and design for social networking communities requires insight into what consumers connect with in a real time environment. Go Social Detroit has that insight.
The end result of this phase is a powerful presence across social networks that represents your brand perfectly.

ENGAGE: Connecting with Consumers in a way that Matters to Them.

The immediate ROI of social media is having your content shared throughout the social web. Great content is the heart of any social media campaign. When a brand shares content that their community cares about in an authentic voice, it becomes viral.

Engaging your audience transforms them from passive viewers to active ambassadors. By listening and engaging, we discover what your brand needs to thrive in the markets you want to reach. There isn’t a better opportunity for your brand to be in the minds and mouths of your audience.

Go Social Detroit will position you as a thought leader and a source of engaging content that shapes conversations.

We aim to turn your re-tweets, shares and mentions into business results.


GROW: Continuous Measurement and Analysis.

Over 75 Key Performance Indicators are logged daily throughout your Go Social Detroit Campaign. We believe continuously measuring the health of your social media campaign while creating new and engaging content is the best way to create sustainable results.

Go Social Detroit monitors your brand’s buzz factor, draws conclusions from your online conversations and maximizes exposure to your target markets. 3 weeks into your campaign, you will receive your first Go Social Detroit Campaign Analysis, complete with suggestions for optimizing your presence, engagement and communication for the next 30 days of your campaign. Social media is always evolving – your tactics should be too.


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