Creating a buzz online.

It seems simple, but getting something to really catch on with the social media masses can be difficult – especially if you’re pedaling a product.

It is widely known that consumers are more likely to buy a product if they’ve read or heard positive reviews from someone they trust. So how do you appeal to customers if they aren’t really listening to your pitch? Find people that consumers do trust to rave about your products for you – thought leaders.

And what’s the quickest way to get those thought leaders talking about your brand or product to their legions of loyal followers? Freebies.

Ask them to give honest reviews! If your product is as good as you say it is, you’ve got nothing to worry about. Sure, you might get some less than stellar reviews, but that’s an important part of building the trust factor. The social buzz and heightened brand visibility will be well worth it. Ryan Beene recently showcased the Suburban Collection’s #SocialTestDrive in a Crain’s Detroit Article.

Dan Boismier, Internet Director for the Suburban Collection, capitalized on a bad situation when Charlie Wollborg, CEO of Curve Detroit (a thought leader in his own right), was fed up with a warranty repair dispute at Suburban Subaru of Troy. After a few days of frustration, Wollborg aired his grievances on Twitter to his 10,000 plus followers. Boismier, acting quickly, contacted Wollborg to settle the issue.

As the two men discussed a solution, an idea was born – Suburban Collection’s #SocialTestDrive.

Wollborg and his wife Elena, creator of the parenting blog, became the first participants of the #SocialTestDrive. The Wollborgs borrowed a Cadillac SRX from Suburban Cadillac-Buick in Troy and headed up north for the weekend. In turn, Elena shared her honest experience in the SRX with her 2,000 plus followers via her blog, Instagram and Twitter, using the hashtag #SocialTestDrive and tweeting @SubCollection.

She wrote,

From the moment I picked it up, I fell in love… An associate from Suburban Cadillac Buick gave me a thorough tour of the car, showing me all of the extensive features.

Since then, Suburban Collection has been lending vehicles to social media influencers every weekend for a test drive. The cost is minimal and the results are exponential.

Here’s what #SocialTestDrivers had to say and share:


Sola Obayan, Principal at BTO Solutions an Online Marketing Consultancy (parent company of Go Social Detroit) shared her experience driving a Chrysler 300 on her blog and subsequently leased a vehicle from Suburban Collection of Farmington Hills.

She wrote,

I didn’t fully realize the impact of the now infamous Chrysler commercial till I drove downtown. When you drive a Chrysler 300 in Detroit, people notice. Parting [with the car] on Monday was quite difficult. Still I dream about the push to start button, the roomy interior and panoramic sunroof.


With reviews like those, it’s hard to deny the overwhelming success of this clever social media marketing campaign. Now that Suburban Collection has gotten the conversation started, social media influencers throughout Michigan have been jumping at the opportunity to get their hands on the wheel for a #SocialTestDrive of their own.

Do you consider yourself to be influential on social media or know someone who is?

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